Gun Violence Prevention Caucus

Caucus Leadership: Chairman Jalaun Ross

The Gun Violence Prevention Caucus is an established caucus under the College Democrats of Connecticut that is dedicated to decreasing rates of gun violence in our community through political activism, community outreach, and mutual support.

As of 2020, the leading cause of death for American children is gun violence. Among those ages 15 to 24, the U.S firearm homicide rate is 5 times higher than in neighboring Canada and 30 times higher than in Japan. Young african-American males have the most elevated homicide victimization rate of any race or gender group.

The Gun Violence Prevention Caucus is another initiative whose purpose is to greatly decrease the levels of gun violence that terrorizes American citizens through advocacy, mutual support, community engagement, and education, fostering a safer and more peaceful society for all.

III. Objectives

  1. Advocate for evidence-based gun control measures at the local, state, and federal level
  2. Engage in community outreach and collaborate with local organizations working on gun violence prevention.
  3. Foster constructive dialogue and engage in critical conversations about gun violence.