The College Democrats of Connecticut (CDCT), the Connecticut federation of the College Democrats of America (CDA), seeks to organize college students in Connecticut to encourage and develop their participation in the political process and the Democratic Party.

CDCT serves as a way to connect college students and CDA chapters across the state in pursuit of building a better state and a better nation. We strive to represent the interests of college students and advance the principles of the Democratic Party through progressive policy.

CDCT aims to:

  • Engage with existing chapters at Connecticut colleges and universities
  • Establish new chapters across the state
  • Host and support civic engagement events, including voter registration drives and GOTV drives
  • Host and support events focused on supporting Democratic candidates and causes, including phone banking and canvassing for candidates for local, state, and federal office; and testimony drives for CGA legislation
  • Connect college students with elected officials, candidates, and activists
  • Build up a network of politically-engaged college students

Our activities focus on getting college students engaged in politics, promoting Democratic candidates across the state, and supporting legislation that furthers progressive goals and the interests of college students in Connecticut. We want to organize collective action by college students in Connecticut, collaborating with chapters across the state to further common goals.

CDCT chapters will be expected to select a representative who may attend regional and Executive Board meetings. Chapters will have input on the direction and activities of CDCT.

CDCT serves as a connector for students and chapters across Connecticut, lending support to chapters at individual colleges and universities and acting as a venue for collective action by college students across the state. While we are a federation of the CDA, our primary focus is our state and, thus, our activities will primarily focus on state-level candidates and policy. We acknowledge that, as college students, we are not necessarily representative of everyone in the state; we do not wish to speak for or over Connecticut residents. We will also seek to work with the Young Democrats of Connecticut and activists, nonprofits, and other progressive organizations in the state.