Voter Registration

Be sure you are registered to vote, and then take the next step. Bring voter registration forms to your college campuses this fall to help your fellow college students make their voices heard. Every new voter on our campuses makes our voice louder, and helps make sure student champions like Governor Malloy are re elected in our state.

The best way to register students is to hold a Voter Registration Drive. All you need is voter registration forms, pens, a public space on campus and plenty of enthusiasm. You can print out the forms and directions for filling them out from these links:

Connecticut Voter Registration Form

How to Register Someone to Vote

Register to Vote or Update Your Registration Online

After people have filled out the forms, you will need to turn them into your town’s registrar of voters. For information  on where this is located see your municipal website. Also note: you cannot refuse to register someone to vote based on party affiliation.

If your fellow students aren’t able or willing to register with the traditional form, don’t worry. In Connecticut, you and your friends can register to vote online. All you need is a Connecticut license number. Register online here. And if you have a table set up for voter registration, you can have a laptop set up too where people can register!

Finally, it’s always great to know how many students are registered across the state. After your campus holds a voter registration drive, please fill out this brief form – so we can keep track of all the amazing voter registration you’re doing:

Voter Registration Tracker